The Tide has Turned!

Cain and Cummings leave their Downing Street positions.

Matt Hancock to be arrested within days.

Massive online opposition to proposed vaccination.

Continuing anti-lockdown/vaccination demonstrations and civil disobedience around Europe

Kazakhstan shames "democracies", as it emerges that mask wearing and talking about a pandemic are illegal there

More good news to come...

Around the world the fakedemic is collapsing under the weight of its mendacity.

Somewhere, deep in the collective human psyche, the last straw has broken the proverbial camel's back.  Maybe that straw was the realization that it's me and my family they want to "vaccinate", and not someone else somewhere else.  

Here in Serbia, the darkest hour came after parliament met on Thursday to debate compulsory vaccination and to vote in new measures further restricting freedom of assembly and making it even harder to avoid wearing a mask. When only a handful of us turned up to protest outside the national assembly building, it seemed that a once noble people had resigned themselves to becoming a nation of mask-wearing slaves with some unknown and highly suspicious substance circulating in their bloodstreams. Those who could see the tendency of what the sellout (or maybe in some cases just criminally ignorant) politicians had done were scouting around desperately for some ray of hope throughout the long November night and the gloomiest of Fridays... all seemed lost....

But then as the weekend kicked in, the sheer mass of passionate opposition to vaccination on social media and the crystallisation of good news from UK, Europe and Asia lifted our hearts.

Those with eyes to see perceive that the fraudulent and tyrannous house of cards now has to collapse worldwide.

So please:

  • everyone immediately stop conforming to all criminally devised and enforced measures, particularly satanic mask wearing and self isolation
  • right minded people of good will, be on the look out for what you can do to fill the vacuums that will be left as scamsters and their terrified collaborators scuttle away into corners
  • testing must be discontinued immediately and all results issued to date declared null and void

In the longer term we need to be thinking about

  • the underlying philosophical and scientific errors that undergird our healthcare systems, making their operation detrimental to health over a wide range of their activity, a money farm for big industry, and a useful tool for malicious power-mongers
  • how media can be protected from criminal control, and its independence and true objectivity be preserved and maximised at local and national levels
  • what we need to do with our political and legal systems to prevent this kind of thing happening again
  • the role of billionaire-funded NGOs and "charitable" foundations with respect to all the above


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  2. When tyranny is on the march, it is aways a tiny wise minority that tries to alert the dumbed-down majority of their pending doom - regrettably history shows us that the dumbed-down majority are permanently intellectually flawed - and destined to repeat their same mistakes... but this time...the wise minority is fighting back.

    1. Precisely! And we have to win, because the alternative is horrendous beyond imagination!


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